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Workshop: Curious Adventures in Nature

The Curious Adventures in Nature smartphone photography workshop takes participants out into the natural world, where the sensory stimulus of sight, scent and sound provides a therapeutic space to explore the principles of visual art practice. ( and includes an option for time-lapse filmed cloud studies, depending on the weather ) pdf

Workshop: Curious Adventures in Colour and Light

Curious Adventures in Colour and Light brings ten light-themed activity tables to the gallery's educational space for a free to access hands-on workshop exploring an artist's response to the scientific principles of colour, light, and the science of seeing. pdf

Workshop: Curious Adventures in Symmetry

Curious Adventures in Symmetry consider the evolutionary phenomena of radial and bilateral symmetry, combining hands-on explorations with an artist-led discovery session that invites participants to discover and create using their smartphones. pdf

Workshop: Macro photography ( technical )

The macro photography studio demonstration brings a full frame multi-flash macro set into the learning space to facilitate high resolution DSLR photography of all things small.
( includes a live-screen demonstration and computer processing in Photoshop )

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