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QF#3 on show at in partnership with ARS Electronica 2021

selected Quantum series digital works on s[edition] June 2021

Graham Fudger at CADAF ONLINE 2020

Doesn't Fly previewed at elsewhere OFFDevcon at the ATC in Osaka 2019

coverage of the #undercurrent exhibition at NN Contemporary Art - January 2019

press coverage of the Graduate Art fair on the artists information company

the Graduate Art network

Graham Fudger on Instagram

dedicated channel and playlists on YouTube

photo coverage of the Graduate Art fair ( November 2019 )

sculptural work for sale on

dance collaboration in the Project Space at NN Contemporary Art

The Guardian: reading the Man Booker long-list on Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth

performing with the Jazz Butcher live on Channel 4's The Tube ( 1986 )
new work electronic crypto / NFT sculpture nature photography